What could be more New Hampshire than the 603 Brewery?

It started with Dan Leonard’s home brew recipes in college and grew from there. He and his friends and fellow engineering grads, Geoff and Tamsin Hewes, opened the brewery in 2012 and they’ve been going strong since.

As the 603 Brewery, they wanted to serve the entire state, and self-distribution quickly became implausible. They upgraded from their nanobrewery license and became beverage manufacturers. With their engineering backgrounds, they focus on creating consistent products at this larger scale, letting the science take over from the art once a recipe is finalized.

603 Brewery doesn’t stop at the area code and state outline on the bottle. Their beer names and labels all have a New Hampshire flair. Their red IPA, 9th State, honors when New Hampshire became a part of the union. They have a rye IPA named 18 Mile, after New Hampshire’s coast line.

Their seasonal brews give back to the state. A portion of the proceeds of their summer beer goes to the protection and care of animals; their spring beer, the state’s lakes and ponds.


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