We first met Carl, Mike and Zack back in early January. It was an unseasonably warm winter day and they were doing one last home brew batch in their garage in Auburn, NH. A few weeks later, we went to their Merrimack, NH location to film their stakeholders’ tasting. At that point, the future home of their brewery was not much more than an empty industrial space, but they have been busy. The walls of the tasting room are up, painting is in progress, the floor has been refinished, and the bar is taking shape.

The story behind Able Ebenezer’s name will manifest itself in various places around the brewery. The quick version of the story is that in 1772, all of the white pines in New Hampshire of a 12″ diameter or greater were considered to be property of the King of England. Ebenezer Mudgett, a New Hampshire mill owner, was arrested for breaking that statute. The ensuing Pine Tree Riot is considered an inspiration for the Boston Tea Party— an early instance of rebellion in the colonies.

The bar top in the Able Ebenezer tasting room will be made entirely from a 27′ section of a white pine. The company logo, a pine tree with the king’s broad arrow marker on the trunk, is already in place on growlers, fermenters, and kegs.

Carl, Mike and Zack sat down with us for formal interviews and discussed their military careers, their vision for their brand, and how they all ended up sharing (at least for now) a log cabin in rural New Hampshire. Thanks to the G.I. Bill, all three are pursuing further higher education while starting their business. Carl and Zack are each working on master’s degrees, and Mike is getting a second bachelor’s degree, in graphic design. In addition to being the brewmaster for the company, he also designed their logo.

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