About Us

Who we are and what we do

BNARO_POLO_writingWith backgrounds in documentary, narrative, music videos, live events, commercials, broadcast and web content, Bryant Naro and Meagan Frappiea are an experienced video production team.

Bryant Naro is a cinematographer, photographer, and tech guru. He’s worked across the country, and filmed the likes of George Lucas, Neil deGrasse Tyson, and more. He has experience with a variety of cameras and filming environments, and is a veteran of Ken Burns’ Florentine Films. His knowledge of the post-production process helps him shoot with an eye for editing. For more information on Bryant, visit bnaro.com.


Meagan Frappiea is an editor with eight years in post-production. She has experience with many facets of the post-production process, having worked in various capacities on seven documentaries at Florentine Films. She’s a fast and efficient picture editor, and a meticulous dialog editor. She’s been nominated for two sound editing Emmys for her work with Florentine. For more information about Meagan, visit meaganfrappiea.com.

With their combined skill and experience, Bryant and Meagan have the ability to see a project through from pre-production to the nitty-gritty of finishing. After the camera stops rolling and even after the edit is locked, we continue to work on a project, polishing the dialog, creating a sound design, and grading the color. Following a project from beginning to end allows us to become truly invested in telling the story and telling it right. And story is really what it’s all about.

We’re New Hampshire based, but we work across New England, New York City, and beyond. We occasionally draw from our pool of talented local friends to chip in and help out. All of our post-production and other office work takes place in our 150 year old Victorian home in New Hampshire, underneath a slate roof.