We made Brew Hampshire because we love beer and New Hampshire. We weren’t hired to make it, and we paid for it out of pocket (with the help of our Kickstarter backers). It began as a mini-doc on Throwback Brewery in North Hampton, where Bryant’s cousin Chris is an assistant brewer. From there we met and tracked down other people in the brewing community to help us tell the story of beer in the Granite State. We interviewed people from thirteen breweries, we spoke with distributors, retailers, and tour guides, visited the big breweries and the nanos, and we drank a lot of great beer.

We started the project in earnest in January of 2014 and two years later, it’s a fully realized story of which we’re very proud.

The film played in the 2015 SNOB Film Festival and the 2015 New Hampshire Film Festival, where it won Best New Hampshire Feature Documentary. For more information about screenings and a release date, visit the official website:

Visit Brew Hampshire’s Website


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