Brew Hampshire

On Set with 7th Settlement

Today we had the privilege of interviewing some of the 7th Settlement team (we missed Dave). Here are some behind the scenes shots of Josh and Nate’s interview.


Brewtopia is a craft beer and home brew supply store in Keene, NH. Owner Zack Cooper and beer reviewer Chris Casey sat down with us for some interviews this afternoon. We’ve heard a lot about how New Hampshire is for breweries, but we hadn’t heard from any beer retailers. We’ve […]

One Love Brewery

One Love Brewery in Dover, NH is a co-op brewery with 7th Settlement, a farm to table pub. What this means is that they share equipment and take turns brewing. All beer brewed by both breweries are sold entirely in the brewpub, along with a rotating selection of other local […]

Out.Haus Ales

Today we interviewed Tom of Out.Haus Ales, which is a one-barrel, one-man brewery! Located in Northwood, NH, Tom brews, bottles, delivers, and handles all the business by himself. He mentioned that the New Hampshire water that he uses (pumped from the well on his farm) was one of the elements […]

Throwback’s Oyster Stout

Throwback Brewery just can’t get rid of us! We stopped by again on January 31st to watch them brew their Oyster Stout, as part of their Unafraid of the Dark series. This is the third year where, starting in January, Throwback releases a new dark beer every two weeks that […]

Throwback at the Farmer’s Market

New Hampshire law allows nanobreweries and wineries to sell their products at farmer’s markets. We followed Throwback Brewery brewmaster Annette to the Rollinsford Farmer’s Market on January 25th to check it out. For sale at their table were 22oz bottles of Hog Happy Hefeweizen, Campfire Smoked Porter and Dippity Do, […]

Brew Hampshire Teaser Locked

Today we locked our teaser trailer for Brew Hampshire! “Locked” sounds pretty final, but it just means we’re happy with how the edit looks— that all the right shots are there, in the right order. But now Bryant is bringing those shots into DaVinci Resolve for color correction. There he’ll […]

Earth Eagle Brewings

  Earth Eagle is a nanobrewery in Portsmouth, NH that specializes in unusual beers. They have a focus on gruits, which are beers brewed without hops. They don’t have a flagship beer, choosing instead to keep a series of new recipes on tap, with a few returning favorites. The brewery […]

Able Ebenezer Stakeholder Tasting

  Able Ebenezer Brewing Company invited us to their stakeholder tasting in mid-January. The brewery expects to open in the spring, but they wanted to share their beers with folks who have helped them get the ball rolling. The beer served was brewed on their home system, which we filmed […]

Teaser of the Teaser Trailer

This morning we finished our final pass of the teaser trailer for our upcoming feature documentary “Brew Hampshire.” We’ve only been able to visit three breweries so far, but we wanted to get something out there for potential interviewees, investors, and most importantly, to meet our deadline for the Portsmouth […]

Off to the Races!

We’re just starting to transcribe, transcode, import, and start editing our first few breweries for our upcoming feature documentary, “Brew Hampshire.” Here’s a quick look at what our camera file structure looks like…260GB of compressed AVCHD footage (filmed on our FS100)! That also includes our 5DMKIII raw footage, so the […]