Production–Production can range from elaborate multi-cam interview set-ups to handheld shoots. We’re ready for anything as we own multiple HD cameras and lenses, as well as professional lighting and sound equipment.

Editing–Once the footage has been captured, it needs to be edited. Different projects have different requirements, and we will choose the NLE that fits the project. We work with Avid Media Composer, Final Cut X, and Premiere Pro. Documentaries are often created in the editing room, as a succinct story is culled and crafted from hours of material.

Color Correction–The final piece of our post-production puzzle features our color correction software of choice: DaVinci Resolve.

Sound Editing–Sound is an often overlooked but integral part of film storytelling. We can clean up dialog, create appropriate and subtle sound design for any project, and mix all sound elements to a pleasing and dynamic finish.

Archiving—While we edit on a large RAID6 drive, we offer the option to archive to tape (LTO6), which has a longevity of up to 30 years.