Nanosode #3: Smuttynose


When fundraising for our feature documentary Brew Hampshire, we created a series of webisodes—called ‘nanosodes’—to give people a taste of what we were doing. In nanosode #3, the spotlight is on Smuttynose Brewing Company. Founded in 1994, the brewery has set a high standard for New Hampshire’s beer scene and continued to innovate. Zack and Chris from Brewtopia, and brewers from some of the state’s most exciting small breweries share their Smutty stories, and founder Peter Egelston reflects on their place in the scene.

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Producer/Director: Meagan Frappiea, Bryant Naro
Cinematographer: Bryant Naro
Editor: Meagan Frappiea
Additional Gaffer: Brian Daigle
Production Assistant: Benjamin Savard
Music: ColorTone Music