Throwback Brewery


Sometimes you’re drawn to a story because of where you’re at in life.

For us, we came to Throwback Brewery because Bryant’s cousin Chris was an assistant brewer there. But it was more than that. Chris had left a stable job to pursue brewing, interning at Throwback on his days off and reveling in even the most menial brewery task. And Chris’s boss, headbrewer and co-founder Annette, had really done the same. After years as an engineer, Annette was ready to take the leap to being a professional brewer. We had just left our jobs to start our own company, and it was hard not to be inspired by the folks at Throwback. It doesn’t hurt that they make some of the best beer in New Hampshire.

00073.movThis short doc on Throwback was the springboard for our feature documentary, Brew Hampshire, and helped us meet a lot of great people. We are thankful that they let us into their brewhouse and introduced us to the world of beer.

Producer/Director: Meagan Frappiea, Bryant Naro
Cinematographer: Bryant Naro
Editor: Meagan Frappiea
Production Assistant: Benjamin Savard
Music: ColorTone Music