Brew Hampshire Summer Update

After our January interview with Pete Beauregard of Stoneface Brewing Co., we moved our focus to scripting the film and starting to edit. Of course, documentary production and post-production are never that neat and distinct, so we hit the road again in the summer to do some pick-ups. One major one was returning to 7th Settlement to interview co-founder Dave Boynton who was out when we interviewed Josh Henry and Nate Sephton last winter. It was great to hear his thoughts on community and history, along with some of 7th Settlement’s own history.

The same day, we also stopped by Canterbury Aleworks. We had interviewed Steve Allman in the winter and while we got some great footage of his unique brewery interior, we wanted a summery view of the exterior. We got a chance to see his waterwheel in action and film his new hop yards.

Later in the summer, we visited Able Ebenezer Brewing Company again to get some b-roll of a typical evening at the brewery. On a summer night, with the garage door open and the parking lot full, Able really shines. We happened to go on an open-mic night, which draws a large crowd, and plenty of people were enjoying the nice weather and playing corn hole in the parking lot. Among the people in the crowd that night was one of head brewer Mike Frizzelle’s best friends, who was dropping in on him for a surprise visit.

Spring and summer also included a couple of screenings for us. In April, we screened the first ten minutes of Brew Hampshire at MONIFF, the Monadnock International Film Festival, right in our home town of Keene. In July, we returned to the Currier Museum in Manchester where we played our short doc Throwback Brewery last yearto screen a 15 minute clip reel. And back in June, we screened an extended cut of the entire film at the New England Brewfest.

And of course today, we hit up Able again, just to enjoy some great beer on the 4th! Cheers!