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Producing videos from concept to delivery

we specialize in storytelling, producing videos from concept to delivery

We are slate roof films


We create content for local companies, big brands, and non-profits. We bring our professionalism and experience to each project, yes, but also our care and enthusiasm.




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Meet The Team


director / Editor

Meagan Frappiea


Director / cinematographer

Bryant Naro


What We Do

We step in to pre-production in whatever capacity necessary to fulfill the needs of the client and their project. We’ve worked as producers, directors, and writers for documentaries, commercials, tutorials, and e-learning projects. We’re here to produce quotes, draft up treatments, pull together mood boards, and whip-up pre-visualization elements—all in the name of communication, so that we can all be on the same page, and walk away with a successful project. Whether it’s telling a meaningful story, or finding a way to show a product’s value, we have experience in every step of the way.

Before we press record

We’ve traveled across the country—and the world—to film all types of projects for our clients. We’ve filmed hair and beauty clients in NYC studios, produced e-learning courses in Singapore and around the U.S., told the story of individual breweries and their distribution partners across the country, filmed events in Las Vegas, Chicago, and Washington D.C., and created local content not just in New England, but in our home-state of New Hampshire as well. Our production experience is long and varied, but no matter what the project is, or where it’s filmed, we bring a unique style to our visuals, commitment to detail and polish (with an eye for the post-production workflow), and a strong network of crew to work with.

We’re also ridiculously good at packing.

When We’re On set

The edit is where it all comes together. Here, we assemble the pieces of the project into a clear and thoughtful story, whether we’re following a script or creating one. Feature length documentary, 30 second web video, or anything in between—we know how to structure and build content to communicate with an audience. We take care of finishing completely in-house for most jobs that don’t require a large facility, but for those jobs that do, we’re connected to a network of talent in the North East that we would turn to. Whether you need a deliverable for social media, or broadcast, or even a DCP for theatrical runs, we’re prepared to deliver the goods.

In the editing room


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